Plugged in electric car A Uber Qik team comprised of environmentally-minded drivers Carl Reese, his fiancée Deena Mastracci, and high school buddy Rodney Hawk set out, in April 2015, to break the electric vehicle (EV) coast-to-coast world record, which also included breaking the record for the shortest charging period, in an electric Tesla P85D. The previous world record had been set by a car guru team from on July 16th in the summer of 2014, who set a record of 67 hours and 21 minutes.

In April 16th at 11:41 p.m. PST, the team, led by Reese and accompanied by timekeepers, Anthony Alvarado, Matt Nordenstrom and Jonnie Oberg in a Chevrolet Suburban, left the Los Angeles City Hall for the New York City Hall, a 3,011 miles journey. The team logged a record-breaking period of 12 hours, 48 minutes, and 19 seconds plugged into Tesla supercharging network stations along the major freeways.

Records Broken

The team finally arrived at their destination on April 19th at 1:36 p.m. EST, setting two new world records, both for the “least non-driving time across the U.S. in an electric vehicle” AKA “total charging time coast-to-coast” and “fastest electric vehicle U.S. coast-to-coast time” a record of 58 hours, 55 minutes, and 25 seconds.

Not in the Guinness Book

Although the team broke two records, Guinness only recognized one record, the “least non-driving time across the U.S. in an electric vehicle”. This record is in respect to the amount of time spend plugged in at charging stations. The team claimed to have had a 14 hours and 40 minutes charging time record, but it was not recognized by Guinness since they did not provide documented proof. The other record was deemed as unofficial since no central authority keeps the records for cross-country travels. Guinness representatives said that they do not recognize speed records on open roads since they don’t want to promote breaking of traffic laws.

Reese had the following to say, “I was inspired by my grandfather who took me on road trips as a child and Alex Roy who broke the cross-country record in a gasoline vehicle in 2006,” he said. ”Tesla is such a compelling car company that is creating tens of thousands of jobs, with Tesla Motors in Fremont, California, Giga Factory in Sparks, Nevada, and Space X in Hawthorne, California,” he added. Reese prides himself of being an all-American patriot by purchasing products only made in America, from clothing to The Tesla model used in the record-breaking trip.

During this trip, the team was sponsored by the global fleet tracking company GPS Insight, a leading software solutions for fleet management company, by providing the GPS tracking equipment used for third-party verification, as per Guinness requirements. Other sponsors included: of Santa Clarita, of Santa Clarita, CA, Signs by Tomorrow of Santa Clarita, and Might Fine Detailing of Los Angeles.